Rakow Branch, Gail Borden Public Library


As a part of the Elgin March Into Health event, CHEF was pleased to sponsor this event at the west side branch, Rakow Branch, of the Gail Borden Public Library on March 30, 2019. Since this was CHEF’s first foray into the March Into Health program, a city-wide event, we worried a bit that no one would want to attend our half-day seminar. But, we shouldn’t have worried. The 3 classes were filled within days of the announcement and a long waiting list. There were 3 individual classes: The first was “Buying Healthy Food on a Budget” with Chef Annette Licitra. CHEF is always concerned that everyone should be able to afford to eat healthy food and not break the bank. So, this was the most popular of the 3 sessions. Then was the “Preparing Healthy Snacks Demo” with Brazilian born and trained Chef Douglas Callegario (CHEF Director), along with his able assistant, Edith Pelcastre (CHEF Director), chef in waiting. Chef Douglas explained how good food should not have to be expensive or boring—and his demo was fun, lively and engaging. And the last session, but every bit as important was the “Chair Yoga for All Ages” offered by the local superstar yoga, senior fitness and disability instructor, not to mention kickboxing instructor, Danae Molitor. Our hero! Danae knows and extolls the importance of the balance of body, mind and spirit for good health.

This may have been CHEF’s first big toe in the MIH waters, but we will be back again next year with a bigger and better program.

Joseph Andrukaitis