Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College offers a student-run, world class dining experience at the award-winning Spartan Terrace Restaurant where cuisine is prepared and served by the students of the ECC Culinary Arts and Hospitality Program, under the guidance of award-winning chef instructors.

CHEF was thrilled to partner with ECC to host the first major public program called Rx: Nutrition, Let Food Be Thy Medicine in Spartan Terrace Restaurant.  The half-day program was filled to capacity and every survey respondent extolled the value and virtue of the program an asked for more. Look further to find links to the day’s events on video.

Chef Patrick Stewart, one of the senior instructors in the Culinary Arts program also received an award from CHEF for excellence in teaching the next generation of those who will provide the best prepared cuisine to our community and far beyond.Here are the space to write about Elgin colleges. More

Edith Pelcastre